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Advancing Excellence in Health Care

About Diamond House Calls

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Diamond House Calls is a provider of primary care, transitional care, and other healthcare services to patients and their families in the areas of Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our healthcare practitioners offer visits in private residences, group homes, and assisted living facilities. We ensure to make our services as accessible as possible by providing various options in paying for our services, including insurance plans from Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. With these insurance plans, there is typically little to no cost to the patient.

Our ultimate goal at Diamond House Calls is to help the community have access to quality care, especially to those who need it most. Many of our patients are home-bound elderly covered by Medicare or other government insurances.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality healthcare services designed to meet the personalized medical care needs of patients and families in various care settings, be it at home or in healthcare facilities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that health care is a basic human right—and it’s for this reason that we strive to provide quality accessible care to as many individuals as possible. We also recognize the importance of quality health care in improving patients’ lives, and this can only be accomplished by making the patient come first. Through the collaboration of our licensed and board-certified practitioners, we are able to manage the primary care needs of our patients. We also see to it that our healthcare providers can spend quality time with their patients so that the most appropriate treatment plan can be carried out successfully.

A Team That Cares Like Family Meet the Providers

Our team is composed of practitioners who are licensed and board-certified in the state of Texas and with over ten years of experience in the medical field. We are committed to providing quality health care and making each patient a priority.

Kristen Cox

Kristen Cox Owner, FNP-C

Kristen Cox has been in the medical field for 14 years...

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Alison Harris

Alison Harris Owner, FNP-C

Alison Harris is a graduate of Southern Methodist...

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Shawn Cole

Shawn Cole M.D., M.H.A.

Dr. Cole is board-certified in internal medicine and...

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